What We Stand For

Rawabi Holding Code of Conduct

As employees of Rawabi Holding, we strive to accomplish our company vision and mission by upholding our core values.  We share a mutual responsibility with the company to achieve our goals through our commitment to achieving the statements set forth below:


As members of Rawabi Holding, we are collectively responsible for the impacts of our actions, positive and negative, on society, the economy and the environment, to perform in the best way possible.


The purpose, nature and location of all activities, policies and decisions for which we are responsible, including their known and likely impacts on society and the environment shall be readily available and fairly disclosed in a clear, accurate and complete manner, and to a reasonable and sufficient degree, avoiding any unclear messages, and they shall be presented in a clear and objective manner to all stakeholders.


We help to promote ethical behaviour and communication within our organization through its developed governance structure in its decision making and in its interactions with others, with respect to established oversight mechanisms and controls that monitor, support and enforce ethical behaviour.


We assess and take into account the relationship of our stakeholders’ needs and interests to the broader expectations of society and to sustainable development.


We comply with common customs in all jurisdictions in which we operate, and avoid being complicit in the activities of another organization that is not consistent with these jurisdictions’ norms of behaviour.


We do not engage in any activity that neither presents a conflict of interest in which our independent judgment may be hindered, nor allows personal benefit from business opportunities.


We will not exchange any material information that harms, exposes or jeopardizes the company and its employees in any way.


We respect and promote human rights, utilizing legitimate, accessible, predictable, equitable and transparent mechanisms for resolving grievances.


We maintain an equitable work environment, avoiding discrimination against employees, partners, customers, members and anyone else with whom Rawabi Holding has any contact or on whom it can have an impact.


We recognize the importance and benefits of secure employment.


We provide and utilize, at all stages of work experience, access to skills development, training and apprenticeships and opportunities for career advancement on an equal and non-discriminatory basis, in compliance with the highest standards.


We maintain and adhere to any applicable law, any policy of Rawabi Holding and any prevailing policy in business environment whenever it contains additional obligations to the foregoing.


We consider ourselves as part of, and not separate from the community in approaching community involvement and development, engaging in actions to improve the quality of and access to education, promote local knowledge, economic and social development, and avoid actions that perpetuate a community’s dependence on the organization’s philanthropic activities.


Rawabi Holding’s Code of Conduct is the foundation on which the company employee handbook and the company policies and procedures are implemented and upheld. For more information regarding details of how this code is implemented, you may refer to the employee handbook, and for further detail, you may review the company business systems.


For clarifications you may contact the Corporate Communications Department: communications@rawabiholding.com