Rawabi Holding Corporate

Capt. Eslam Metwally - RVOS HSSE manager

Eslam Metwally

Capt. Eslam Metwally joined Rawabi Holding Company in February 2013 as marine port safety officer and was awarded best employee performance in 2014. Following his award, he was promoted to assistant HSSE manager and further promoted to RVOS HSSE manager and company security officer. Prior to joining the Rawabi team, Capt.Eslam served 9 years overseas sailing in several maritime companies, occupying different ranks. Capt.Eslam Metwally holds a marine master degree and a bachelor's degree in maritime transport and nautical technology. in addition, Capt. Eslam holds other safety qualifications such as Nebosh,OSHA.OSHAS.



Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart
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