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Ahmed AlQadeeb - General Manager, Rawabi Oil & Gas

Ahmed AlQadeeb

Mr. Ahmed AlQadeeb joined Rawabi Holding in 2005 as the Oil and Gas Services Manager for Rawabi Oil & Gas, managing oil and gas operations, negotiating contracts and securing new technologies. He demonstrated a keen ability to problem solve and ensured customer satisfaction at all times. In 2010, Mr. AlQadeeb was promoted to Deputy General Manager for Rawabi Oil & Gas and assumed this position until being promoted to manage the Joint Venture Support Division in November 2013, which has been created in Rawabi Oil & Gas (ROG) to handle all oilfield services JV-related matters. Shortly thereafter, Mr. AlQadeeb was promoted to General Manager of Rawabi Rawabi Oil & Gas in December 2013.

Mr. AlQadeeb obtained a Bachelor of Science majoring in Electrical Engineering in 2002 from King Fahad of University of Petroleum & Minerals. Prior to joining Rawabi Holding, Mr. AlQadeeb was a Senior Field Engineer at Schlumberger in Saudi Arabia.




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