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Cloud SCADA Software

Cloud SCADA Software

Rawabi’s cloud-based SCADA software enables IIoT and allows you to connect your sensors, instruments, and other devices to the cloud to provide you with real-time remote monitoring of all your assets simultaneously. It provides you with insightful analytics to allow you to take better and faster decisions... With the SCADA software you can view current and historical sensor readings in tabular or graphical format, or even export it to an external system or file.
AK-28 Unit

AK-28 Compact RTU and Data-logging Unit

The AK-28 is a low-cost, midrange embedded industrial controller used for automation, data acquisition, and data logging applications. AK-28’s versatile features lead the market trend toward integration—integration of operator interfaces, real-time control, data acquisition, flexible I/O, and network communications—in a compact package.


µNoad R550 ISA100.11a Modem

The µNoad R550 is a low-power, low-cost, fully ISA100.11a compliant wireless communication smart modem that can be used in data acquisition, data logging, and automation applications. ISA100.11a is a robust wireless communication standard for the industrial automation marketplace... The µNoad R550 allows for easy integration of traditional wired systems and older wireless based ones into ISA100.11a networks, all in an ultra-compact package. The µNoad R550 implements carrier sense multiple access, frequency hopping, and automatic repeat requests, enabling it to function reliably in even noisy environments.

HARIS Gas Detection System

Haris is a solution for gas detection in industrial applications where a potential toxic or combustible gas needs to be detected and efficiently monitored around the clock. It can provide a perimeter of protection to residential environments that may have potential risk of being exposed to toxic gases released from the nearby facilities...

Haris is designed considering ease of operation to the end user and expandability. Haris is highly configurable to meet and exceed the user’s needs and expectations. It fulfils a variety of requirements from a wide coverage area, selectable wireless protocols, to custom alarm callouts, notifications, web reporting and even integration with external pre-installed control systems.


BAYAN Wide Area Telemetry Network

Bayan is a fixed large-scale wireless area telemetry network that provides a state-of-the-art supervisory monitoring and warning solution. It is used for the protection of facilities and communities from accidental toxic or combustible gas releases into the environment by monitoring the safety of operations or living conditions in hazardous areas

or sources of release such as with oil and gas drilling, natural gas distribution networks, and workover or petrochemical plants. Bayan can also provide civil or industrial contractors with monitoring when used with electrical or electromechanical sensors.