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Rawabi Hot-Hed is a joint venture company between Rawabi Holding and Hot-Hed® Company. Hot-Hed was established in Houston, Texas in 1981, when its signature product, Hot-Hed®, was patented for the local Oil & Gas industry. The revolutionary invention is a non-toxic, exothermic heater deigned to uniformly raise wellhead and casing temperatures to API standards in 5 to 10 minutes, maintaining them long enough to complete inner and outer welds.

Today, Hot-Hed® offers various patented oil tools products that are unique and directed towards a niche market, both on the upstream and downstream segments of the Oil & Gas industries as well as offshore services and equipment rentals.

Rawabi Hot-Hed list of products and services includes:

  • Habitat™ Welding Isolation Chamber to perform hot work in classified locations such as near processing equipment. It eliminates the need for production shut-in by safely isolating the work area
  • Hot-Hed® exothermic preheating devices to produce superior welds for installation of slip on wellheads, quickly and efficiently, regardless of weather
  • Testing tools designed to (a) test installed wellhead’s welds using Nitrogen and a tracer gas, and (b) test Christmas tree seals and valves up to 15,000 psi with Nitrogen to scan for possible leaks. The use of an inert gas avoids contaminating the tested areas with corrosive materials
  • Hot tap services using air or ratchet operated drilling machine taps ½” to 4″.
  • Cold cutting and flange facing for piping modification and installation of flanges
  • Bolt tightening, tensioning services, and casing pile driving hammers
  • Anti tamper fastener systems that replace conventional studs and nuts that are impossible to remove using conventional methods
  • Lightweight tight-sealing mud savers that facilitate 100% retrieval of costly drilling fluids and protect the environment


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Belgacem Benzidane

Belgacem Benzidane

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